Build a real sense of community and preserve our small town feel

The Mayor and Township Council have worked very hard to keep our small town feel while managing the state mandated affordable housing. They brought down the new affordable housing units by over 75% while managing density and strong design standards. These actions protected our small town feel and avoided millions in litigation. These affordable housing units will be sprinkled within our community and have to keep to the Downtown Design Standards that were put forth with cohesive building materials, color requirements and streetscape.  This will allow us to keep our small town feel!  

Great school and parks. Wonderful neighbors and a small-town vibe. Berkeley Heights has a lot to offer, and the Mayor and Council have taken action to reinforce our growing sense of community commitment and pride. The actions of Town Council members, aided by dedicated volunteers serving on Town Committees, are building relationships with businesses and residents to foster deeper connections to the Town and to each other. Among the newer initiatives that boost quality of life are:

  • The Winter Walk
  • Restaurant Week
  • BH Walks
  • Art in the Park (upcoming)
  • Beauty & Wellness Weeks
  • Street Fair

These, along with long standing traditions such as the Rubber Ducky Race, Street Fair, Mother’s Day 5K, New Year’s fireworks, Mount Carmel Festival and others make Berkeley Heights a town with a distinct and wonderful set of traditions. We’ll continue to tap the collective energy of our volunteers, residents, and businesses to deliver our brand promise, “Where tradition meets tomorrow.” 

Building relationships across businesses' together with the volunteer committees creates a true sense of COMMUNITY!  We are neighbors helping neighbors and we want to ensure that we do what is best for Berkeley Heights. We will continue to optimize collaboration with all our neighbors, committees, businesses, and partnerships in Berkeley Heights. 


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   Screen_Shot_2018-01-07_at_3.31.42_PM.png     Screen_Shot_2018-04-28_at_8.50.41_AM.pngBH_WALKS.jpg