CONTROL OUR TAXES-Maintain affordability

The Mayor and Township Council work each year to build the Municipal Budget from the ground up.  Each department must analyze and justify their projected expenses and Administration and Council review every line item of the budget. The CFO presents the draft budget to the Mayor and Township Council members at public meetings that are open for discussion and livestreamed for home viewing.

The bulk of our tax dollars pay for our schools and go outside of Berkeley Heights to Union County, leaving only 17.4 cents of every dollar for use by the Berkeley Heights Township. Here is how your tax dollar breaks down: 56 cents of each dollar goes to the Board of Education, 25 cents to Union County which leaves only 17.4 cents for our Berkeley Heights Township and 1.5 cent for the Library. For the past 3 years, we have kept the municipality part of the budget under the 2% cap.


We will continue to collaborate with Board of Education (BOE), other towns and the county for the return of tax dollars to our residents.  We currently have the following shared services in place:

  • IT Services – Madison Boro
  • Bucket and sewer vac truck – Long Hill
  • Animal Control Services – Millburn
  • Public Health Services – Rahway
  • Vehicle and Field Maintenance and Garbage Pick-up– Fire Dept, BHVRS and BOE
  • Salt Storage – Union County

We continually look for resources to enhance services without spending taxpayers dollars. The Mayor, Town Council, Town employees and volunteer committees will continue to optimize partnerships and collaboration with public and private sectors to fund town initiatives, including:                                                                                  

  • Recycling Tonnage and Clean Communities Grant                                                            
  • Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Grant                                  
  • Body Armor Replacement Program Grant                                    
  • Municipal Alliance on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse and Drunk Driving Enforcement Grant                                                                       
  • Kids Recreation Grant
  • Community Development Block Grant – Senior Center Program and Transportation Grants
  • NJ Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Grant
  • Union County Infrastructure Grant

  Maintaining affordability for the taxpayer is our goal!