Fix your roads and potholes

Smart Road Management – Manage road repaving by spreading costs over time, minimizing debt while ensuring the safety of our residents. 

Five years ago, our Town didn’t have a long-term road repaving plan.  Now we do. The current Town Council and Mayor put together a comprehensive 15-year schedule encompassing all roads in Berkeley Heights, including the prioritization of main thoroughfares. 

Why 15 years? Can’t we repave them all this year?

The average road has about a 15-year life span and road repaving is expensive.  To manage those expenses, towns (including Berkeley Heights) rotate their repaving schedule. Repaving an entire town at once would require a significant tax increase or taking on debt to cover a recurring expense. That’s not smart fiscal management, and not good for taxpayers concerned about keeping taxes down.

This type of planning allows our Town to balance these significant cost outlays over time and allows us to tap the maximum State and County matching grant money available for road repaving to communities like ours on an annual basis.  With the recent harsh winters and their impact on our local roads, the Council made the decision last year to double the amount of money allocated to road repaving to accelerate the schedule.

Addressing the Potholes

We heard your needs about addressing potholes.  DPW requested we purchase a "hot box" and we did.  We are now able to better repair the potholes.  This allows us to work 52 weeks a year as long as the roads are dry.