Mayor Robert Woodruff

"Honesty and the ability to continue delivering positive results to our community.  Not many people can claim this.  I can.  My team and I aren't like many people.  We are visionary, thorough, diligent, cost-conscious, and effective in delivering on our bottom line to satisfy core issues facing our community.  By working well together as one cohesive unit, we have been able to achieve a number of milestone accomplishments.  Vacant commercial properties are being replaced with quality residential units, ensuring an injection of capital in our downtown that will stimulate local business growth.  A new, state-of-the-art municipal building will soon be appearing center-stage at the heart of our community - a feat that wasn't able to be accomplished for the last three decades.  Our budget is now streamlined and anticipates our town's future needs while maintaining budget constraints.  Plus, Berkeley Heights will now save almost $1 million due to technological innovations we implemented in our Waste Water Treatment Facility.  We're also partnering with the Department of Public Works to launch a bulk pick-up program that will save Berkeley Heights over $150,000 per year, and we're partnering with the Board of Education to conserve costs, stretch tax dollars, and still offer our kids a superior education.  None of these tasks have been easy.  Yet, we've been able to accomplish them all . . . and more.  I'm proud to serve as the leader of such an incredible team that has attained these landmark achievements.

We now stand at a pivotal point in time - a time when many other great achievements are about to be actualized.  As someone who is conscientious and takes pride in a job well-done, I hope that you will give me the opportunity to complete the pending projects on which my team has so diligently worked.  We didn't waive a magic wand.  Hard work, dedication, knowledge, and a drive to get things done . . . and done well.  That's my team's formula for success.  Plain and simple.

Anyone can promise results.  But how do they plan to deliver on those promises?  What, exactly, is their plan?  Do they even have a plan?  There's a difference between achieving non-optimal results and achieving superlative ones.  My team and I have proven that we can continue to deliver the latter.  Under my continued leadership, I pledge to continue guiding our town's future so that it continues to secure first-rate RESULTS."
 ~Mayor Robert Woodruff

  • Attorney specializing in labor/employment and civil rights
  • Honored to serve Berkeley Heights – Served as Mayor for 5 years and Town Council for additional 4
  • 32 year resident of BH – raised his family here with his wife Patti
  • Community Service: over 35 years teaching 8th grade Sunday School students, PAL Board, PAL Commisioner for football, former chairman of the Recreation Commission
  • Successfully led township through various issues and challenges: 
    • Development of updated master plan for the township
    • Streamlined the budget process and has kept for 3 years the budget under the 2% cap
    • Reduced new affordable housing requirements by over 75% while imposing on developers reasonable density and strong design standards– recognized as best practice in New Jersey
    • Municipal redevelopment and beautification initiatives
    • Upgraded professionalism and abilities of township departments – Improving service execution and utilization of precious taxpayer funding
    • Improved engagement and collaboration with business community
    • Stewardship and management of township resources
    • Township communication and inclusion
    • Negotiator for all union contracts
    • Outstanding County/State level relationships ensuring township needs are heard and represent

Here is Mayor Robert Woodruff's Candidate Statement: