Ways to Connect

Mayor Woodruff, Councilman D’Aquila and Councilwoman Greco want to hear from you, listen to your concerns and understand your issues.  Recently, one of the members of the Berkeley Heights forums posted questions on social media and requested that candidates running for office submit answers.  As elected officials, the Mayor and Council members do not engage in discourse on town related issues on social media.  That said, we recognize that there are many questions that residents have that deserve to be heard and there are many ways to present and discuss them including the following:

  1. Email Mayor Woodruff, Councilman D’Aquila and Councilwoman Greco directly. Their addresses are listed on the township website: berkeleyheightstwpnj.gov;
  2. Attend the “Listening Sessions.” The first one was held on October 2nd and the second one is scheduled for November 4that 12:30 pm (venue to be announced shortly);
  3. Ask questions at the League of Women Voter’s candidate debate on October 18that 7 PM at the Governor Livingston High School Auditorium;
  4. Attend regular Town Council meetings held twice a month on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM and ask questions or comment during the Citizen’s Hearing portion of the agenda.Meeting dates are posted on the website above.

We encourage all residents to ask questions, comment on issues and share their concerns so that together we can continue to make Berkeley Heights one of the best towns to live in!